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20,000 LPs - That’s a lot of vinyl! Not the biggest selection you’ll ever find, but we believe the quality and variety of our records is unparalleled. We are very discerning when buying in new stock and we professionally clean all LPs that are offered for sale. We also give a full guarantee for all items sold. New stock arrives almost daily.

Our vinyl stock:
We currently offer on LP around 7,000 classical items, 8,000 soundtracks and musicals, 5,000 rock and pop LPs from the 1950s to the present day, plus 1,000+ jazz LPs covering all styles not forgetting comedy, spoken word, easy listening, blues, reggae, etc.

Our 20,000 singles have been slowly accumulating over the past 31 years with many unusual items. Well worth a day out to investigate.

Our CD stock of around 8,000 soundtracks - the largest selection in the U.K. we believe - plus a wide across-the-board selection of CDs covering all types of music.

8-tracks, 78s, Tapes, etc:
We have some 1,000 8-tracks in stock, many sealed copies plus hundreds of 78s, including some rock ‘n’ roll titles. Add to this upto 1,000 videos and DVDs, various cassettes and many annuals, magazines, etc.

Grammar School Records

Discounts: We all like discounts when buying second-hand records and CDs, and we are happy to offer the following reductions.

10% off all orders over £45 | 15% off all orders over £75 | 20% off all orders over £150
(Please enquire about discounts for larger purchases)

Discounts for dealers: We give bona fide record dealers discount off all purchases. Please ask for further details.

Wants lists: If you have a wants list, we’d like to see it and will try to help you fill some gaps. Similarly, if you are looking for an odd item on any format please enquire, we just might have one in stock.

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